Post-Production House

We are one of the fastest growing TV post-production houses in Latin America thanks to a successful mix of 3D Character Animation and motion graphics artists, superb customer service, competitive pricing, experienced project managers and the high level of technical expertise demanded by AD agencies and production companies. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, and with more than 11 years in the market, our most remarkable characteristics are focused on customer service, research and fine 3D aesthetic on images.

3D Animation Experts

Our expert on 3D animation, Concept Art and Motion Graphics team coming from the hottest studios in Colombia and USA, share the same passion for 3D animation, arts and entertainment which result in creative blasts from every corner of the studio. That is why, from the creative sessions to the production process, the understanding of each brands’ personality is a key feature that empowers the use of new techniques, bringing charming works with high production values.


We have a restless personality searching for the best combination of methods to get the greatest 3D visual impact; we provide noteworthy projects with an emotional underground which, as a result, adds the studios’ DNA into every single work.